Individual plan – 245$

The individual plan is designed for highly motivated people wishing to accomplish a specific goal in a defined sports discipline. Examples of this can be: “weight loss/weight management for designed weight category” (combat sports, olypmic weightlifting etc..), “setting new Personal Bests (PBs)”, “gaining muscle”, “optimal performance”, “health” and so on.

Alternative experiences such as long trekkings or cycle touring are most welcome to send an inquiry.

It is not designed for the occasional lifter or the person looking for whatever it takes to enhance her/his performance through the use of harmful as well as illegal substances and techniques (drastic weight cuts in combat sports included).

What you, as an individual, can expect is a serious and sounded advice, based on what really matters that optimizes your health and enhances your performance.

The plan is based on a first-come first-served basis of only 10 spots monthly which includes the following (for more details refer to the approach page):

  • Preliminary assessment;
  • Individual practical recommendations;
  • Custom-made nutrition plan (one revision included);
  • 60 minutes video call (in person different rates apply);
  • Weekly email follow ups (6 weeks total).

For inquiries send an email at with “individual plan” as the subject field.

Team/group plan

The team/group plan rate varies according to the number of athletes.

The plan can be of either: general team guidelines or the combination of both general guidelines and individual ones.

The approach is multifaceted, meaning that a collaboration with the medical and fitness staff has to be established so that the nutritional advice goes hand in hand with the current training regimes.


Example of other services include:

  • Injury recovery plan;
  • Lectures and workshops on personalised nutrition;
  • Long term collaborations (2+ months long contracts);
  • Linear programming workshops.

For inquiries send an email at with “Other” as the subject field.