I am home, in Copenhagen, and the weather is pretty much like this.

On October 21st, right after coming back from Iceland, I decided to create this website and still wondering the purpose of it.

On October 12th I quit all my social media, and finally decided to make a BIG change in my life: wasting no time and being as productive as I possibly can.

I am giving myself more time than ever for studying, reading and writing, and it just feels great! I can finally clear my mind and be realistic about myself.

My girlfriend is truly amazing. She is supportive, caring and straightforward. She is an energy giver. A force of nature.

I am currently reading: Journey to the center of the earth and A cook’s tour.

From mid-August, I am trying to learn Danish. It’s damn hard but undoubtfully helpful. They say patience pays. Let’s see.

Updated on October 27th.