Continuously up to date list of literature concerning health, nutrition, lifestyle and food production.

A Cook’s tour: in search of the perfect meal, A. Bourdain
A Place of my own: the education of an amateur builder, M. Pollan
Agroecology, M. A. Altieri
Almanak, C. Meyer
American Wasteland, J. Bloom
Beans: A History, K. Albala
Cooked: a natural history of transformation, M. Pollan
Eat Drink Vote, M. Nestle
Food and Society: Principles and Paradoxes, Amy E. Guptil
Food Rules: an eater’s manual, M. Pollan
In Defense of food: an eater’s manifesto, M. Pollan
Mindless Eating: Why we eat more than we think, B. Wansink
Not on the label, F. Lawrence
On Food and Cooking: The science and lore of the kitchen, H. McGee
Paradox of plenty, H. Levenstein
Plenty, Y. Ottolenghi
Public Health Nutrition, M. Lawrence & T. Worsley
Salt Sugar Fat, M. Moss
Second Nature: a gardener’s education, M. Pollan
Swallow this, J. Blythman
The Botany of desire: a plant’s eye view of the world, M. Pollan
The Cambridge world history of food, K. F. Kiple
The Nordic Cookbook, M. Nilsson
The Omnivore’s dilemma, M. Pollan
The Reducetarian solution, B. Kateman
The Third plate, D. Barber
What to eat, M. Nestle