Italian native, world citizen, Bruno defines himself as a Healthy Sojourner with an unstoppable desire to make people think of Food first.

Since an early age Bruno has always been interested in food, cooking and sports activities.
By the age of 19 he’s been able to practice the vast majority of sports attending a human science based high school specialized in sport and exercise for all ages.
At the same time he played football in professional teams for 12 continuous years as a goalkeeper.

Tired of the monotony of home, the willingness to achieve independence and explore how people live, eat and have fun around the world, he started working as a pizza chef to save up money, and left Italy right after high school graduation.
This led him to travel extensively around the globe for 2 years maintaining himself either working as a pizza chef or volunteering in exchange of food and accommodation.

During this period he recognized with his own eyes the effects that the environment, the political system and big corporations have on people’s health.
He came across a BSc program called Global Nutrition and Health in Copenhagen, and graduated from it with a specialization in Public Health Nutrition and Food Policy. Thanks to this he’s been able to collaborate in the humanitarian world carrying out projects in places like Burkina Faso and Tanzania amongst others.
However, in the course of these years he realized that the humanitarian aspect should be coming from an inner will to help others, rather than an economic and system based one.
He therefore decided to pursue a career combining all aspects of his experiences being: cooking, nutrition, sports, sustainability and culture.

In collaboration with one of his professors (Alexandr Parlesak, PhD) he was able to learn to operate a mathematical model that generates nutritionally adequate and health promoting food baskets optimized for cost and similarity to the culture of individuals.

Bruno currently works as a freelance sports nutrition consultant with athletes worldwide.