Solving life’s problems in one concept

Thinking Glocal: Global perspective, Local action.

It’s been a while, probably 5 years to be more precise, that I have been wondering about this.

I saw it in Australia, driving in the outback and only being able to find fast food chains.
I saw it in India, through the increased suicide rate of farmers due to GM crops.
I saw it in Samoa Islands, where more than 50% of people are obese.
I saw it in Malaysia, flying over thousands of hectares of palm oil plantations.
I saw it in Burkina Faso, living on a 10L bucket of water a day due to climate change.
I saw it in Denmark, smelling the waste products of the pig industry.
And the list can go on…

Of course what I am referring to here is the cons of globalization and food industry corporations.
We are all well aware of the exploitation of natural resources, the aggressive marketing campaigns to vulnerable sociodemographic groups, corporate tax income evasions, health consequences due to pollution, malnutrition and inadequate physical activity, increased socio-economic inequalities and etc..

But what if just by having a global perspective on what we do daily could make a difference?

Thinking Glocal is all about this.

Whatever our choices are they will have an impact, both direct and indirect, affecting not only the person next to you or your neighbor but also someone on the other side of the world you don’t have a clue about.

This does not only apply to the food industry but to any other field being e.g. lifestyle, manufacturing, transportation and so on.

To conclude, thinking Glocal unconsciously involves ethics, sustainability and most importantly care.