My sister once told me in the early summer of 2017 “What is happening to you? Since when are you reading books? You were the kind of guy that was not even able to read Geronimo Stilton!!” Yes, I definitely was. Until the age of 18, I only read because I was obliged to, literally forced to. I read to avoid consequences like bad grades in school and being punished by my parents with the withdrawal of video games or skip of football practice. However, what you disgrace you end up loving. In fact, here I am, at the age of 23 years old, reading as many books a year as I possibly can plus the literature for school.

Whether is a self-help, cooking, classic or health book, I am always eager to read more after having finished one. Books really are the mentor we need in our lives to which anyone can relate and find inspiration from.
Reading affects me as much as traveling, for example even when I lose concentration I start wandering with my mind about new ideas, observations to everyday actions or dreaming life goals.

In order to keep track of my reading materials, I find particularly useful the website