Memories from Burkina Faso internship

Excerpt of the conclusion from my internship summary document.


[…] Basic human needs like water, food, education and sanitary facilities sure it is that are scarce and not easily available to everyone, but how representative it is to classify a country by an international Human Development Index? Or a per capita Gross Domestic Product? If a nation relies principally on agriculture, 90% of its labor force is involved in it and its people are self-sufficient because of daily hard work while still conducting a happy life, how can we translate all this economically? What does really mean development? Is blindly paying bills with no emotional attachment to others and the never-ending willingness of having more, the real goal of life?

Some of the best memories I will recall in the future of this adventure have been spent with “uneducated”, “poor” and “undeveloped” individuals who after all their troubles (real troubles!) were still capable of smiling, giving me a word of support or even offering me a meal. And this to me meant a thousand times more than simply examining a country by its international ranks, because, numbers count, but human beings count more.