What do I want to be? Who do I want to be?

How many times do we get asked this type of question in life, especially at the young age? I would probably say a thousand times, and there’s nothing more irritating than this when you start thinking about it.
Simply put: the society we are in right now has the need to categorize every single element into boxes, just like a classification, while at the same time making us believe that you have to be successful in terms of money and power in order to be Someone.
The point is that we continuously strive to achieve something or a title, for the pure recognition of it and not to be the best version you can be of yourself.
Since childhood, we get taught to be the best in school, in sports, in the workplace and so on, purely to win the competition of others at any costs, values included.
In a nutshell, the reason for why the world is getting more and more fucked up can be simply put as: we live in a world in which depending on your academic success you will either end up working as a farmer or as a CEO of a company.