Food: my access key to knowledge

Food and everything that goes around it is what makes feel curious, enthusiastic and driven in my everyday life.

The funniest moments I spend with my family, still nowadays, are when we recall my behavior as Yogi Bear during childhood, particularly during the summer vacations at the seaside.
Indeed, the nickname Yogi Bear stems from my neverending hunger and search for food, that used to bring me literally “hunting” on others’ people picnic basket, while at the beach for dinner time whilst enjoying the sunset.

Growing up nothing much has changed in regards to limitless stomach capacity, and areas such as nutrition and cooking have been gradually adding up to satisfy my level of curiosity that automatically increases the more I think I know.

The way I conceptualize Food is that I consider it being a key to access limitless opportunities to other areas of knowledge, which means: starting from a food-related context I am capable to appreciate and memorize easily something that apparently doesn’t correlate at all.
Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 20.29.21An easy example of it is the understanding of macronutrients through any given food or meal, and from there going deeper into biochemistry, the periodic table of elements and so on, but always making a practical relation (in this case to food) to what might seem abstract or indefinite.