Visiting Copenhagen? Let me help you out


I first visited Copenhagen in late June 2014, on the way back to Europe from a one year round the world trip. Sincerely that time I got quite disappointed by the city. The weather was crap, rainy and cloudy for a whole week, everything was damn expensive, the city seemed more like a ghost town than a capital and the people seemed good looking and healthy but at the same time very close, right the opposite of the countries I had visited before.

Well, said that not much has changed ever since.
The weather is still what it is. The prices are high and maybe even higher than at the time. July is the month of holidays for the Danes, just like August for the Italians, which means no trace of locals around, but only cameras with legs wandering around in search of the next Instagram hit (tourists). On top of this, the last week of June is also the beginning of Roskilde Festival , therefore in case you get to think “Oh! Look at how many homeless, drunk and mendicants youngsters there are here!” , it’s just because they are coming back from a tour de force of binge drinking days of the various music festivals going on in the summertime. Finally, yes, people are pretty much all good looking, they stay fit thanks to biking, the recent culinary waves and a more conscious approach to food since childhood starting from the schools.

However, here is a map I continuously update with things to do in Copenhagen. You can filter the marks according to your interests, but bear in mind that this is a personal view of what to me matters to see after years of living here. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 13.47.39
Link to map