Why this website?

I take direct inspiration from Simon Sinek’s world-famous TED talk and book, to explain in a nutshell the motifs that push me in making a website of my own, without being yet remarkably famous nor economically rich.

The question “why?”, as easy as it might sound, is, however, also the more complex and intricate of all. Let’s just think about for a moment to how many times children use that word, in search for answers and in search for truth.
Growing up, overloaded by the innumerable things we have to achieve in order to succeed, we lose more and more sight of the real meaning of what we do, ending up with unhappiness, poor health, and regrets.

I am certainly not here to show the light at the end of the tunnel to anybody, but thanks to the hint of “why?”, I stopped and reflected about what really makes me wake up in the morning and live with joy and enthusiasm what I do, and so should you.

To conclude, my website’s golden circle pretty much look like this:

WhatI share thoughts, ideas, memories and travel experiences. Just like a portfolio of my own story, what passes through my mind I share it here.

HowWriting on this website. I make use of the technological advancements to reach the outside world.

WhyPractice and mind clearing. I have been for way too long like those who say “I am not good at it” “It’s not in my skills” etc.., but the reality is that nobody is born learned. Practice, Persistence, and Patience make people good in what they do, or successful as they like to bombard us in the media.
I basically think a lot. Many thoughts float around me on a daily basis and this website is, for me, the best way to relax, sit down, clear up my psyche and have something written down I can always go back and wonder about. Maybe, all this can be of help to someone else. Someone else in the situation I was or that can have a relation to what I write. However, you never know until you try.