Firstly used in “The Aphorisms of Hippocrates” to describe in short diagnosis and treatment of disease in medicine, these small sentences have always found a special place in my mind and in my heart. Maybe because I never liked reading and I wanted to have the truth as quickly as possible, or because I am a perennial thinker trying to connect life experiences with thoughts, the beauty of being able to describe, with the simplicity of a few words, intricate concepts to which anyone can refer to, allured me since childhood and still does.
Anyone sooner or later have thought of them, either to sound philosophical in front of your friends or simply to find help and/or inspiration in moments of need.

I personally adore them. I continuously reflect upon them and make links with the stage in life I am at. Sometimes, I even come up with my own ones and before I forget them, I will share them.

“Listen to me and I know that you love me”

Life is about doing what makes you feel alive. Persisting ethically in your own beliefs”

Anybody can talk, some can answer, few can make questions”