Italian native, world citizen.cropped-img_0376.jpg

Leaving home at an early age brought me to visit 40+ countries and live in 5 different ones by the age of 24.

I have always had an obsession with food. Literally.
Eating it, cooking it, studying it. I am there. I consider food my access key to knowledge.

Being physically active is the priority number one in my daily routine and I consider exercise as important as nutrition.

I am fascinated with aphorisms, books on self-improvement and culture, the art of rhetoric and loneliness.

I am a perennial apprentice. I love to learn, and most of all, I learn by practicing. I am a kinesthetic learner. Action and real experiences are what counts to me.

Favorite public figures: Simon Sinek, Tim Ferriss, Sir Ken Robinson, Derek Sivers and Michael Pollan.

The day women and Africa will gain their consideration in the society, the world will be a healthier place.

I persist.

And now?